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An Old Park I Dug Out of my Recovery Hard Drive

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Title explains it all. This is primarily posted for convenience to people I want to show this park to.

EDIT: It has come to my attention that this park is not readily viewable due to a few pieces of custom scenery that I included. To help this, I have added some screenshots. They are likely to reveal my favorite area of the park.

http://imgur.com/a/TTiFj For the whole gallery. I only chose three images.



Rainbow Tophat 7 (NEW EDITION).sv6

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1 hour ago, imlegos said:

I actually just went and downloaded both files required to run the park... It's interesting, but a lot of empty space between rides. There were only 2 for me, both were available from NEDesigns.

This is intentional, because like a real park, a large part of the park is reserved for stalls, scenery, paths and smaller rides. Indeed, there aren't even that many rides in general, again like a real theme park, which has maybe five to seven roller coasters. The idea for this park is not so much to be loaded with rides, rather to be a beautiful and aesthetic experience which happens to have rides in it.

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