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The Path of the Wenja

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Hello everyone


I started this project on the 15th of March, which now I have had a sort of builder's block


So here is the idea of the park:

There are 5 parts of the park: The forest hideout, The Perukula lake, The Retrenula Valley, The Obelisk and The Bronzebark Woods (which has not been added yet)

I got the name Wenja from the tribe in Far Cry Primal

There shall at least be 5 giant coasters in the park (so far I have 3)



Path layout is a bit confusing because I want the paths to be as close to the ground as possible

I don't know how to fix the nausea and intensity on Meditation

I don't know what music to add to Ancient Wrath (I want to add music to all my giant coasters)

What colour would suit The Guardian better

Where the natural 'untouched' areas should be

And last the biggest problem, where to expand the path and the placement of the other giants


Download the file and check it out

I will update the forum with new downloads when I make a change to the park

All help is appreciated!







Wenja .sv6

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