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I dont know it if it was my 8 year old me or something else but I remember when I played Roller Coaster Tycoon (Dont know if it was one or two or whatever) but there was a table that you could place in it. Thoughts? Dont know if its already implemented into the game or not.

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As much as that idea appeals immensely to me, I don't think it was a thing in RCT1 or 2. Could you be confusing the tables from RCT3 perhaps?

I once confused the Advertising options from 3 of being there in 1 or 2. I was really sure lol :P

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Yeah, i was attempting to post a reply, but then my internet cut off and i forgot.

However, neither games have a table scenery object in the base However, both games have CS that fills this roll. However in RCT2 for them to be usable, you need to disable clearance checks ( Zero Clarence).

Just search around for some Table CS for RCT2, and you'll probably find somthing.

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