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Parks shown in the main menu video?

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In OpenRCT2/data/title/openrct2 you can find all save games which are shown in the intro openrct2 video.# Achilleshiel# DUSTY GREENS# PFCKrutonium# Shotguns (http://www.nedesigns.com/park/3107/rougarou/)# Faas (http://www.nedesigns.com/park/2996/lucky-lake-amusement-park/)# MCI (http://www.nedesigns.com/park/2973/maerchen-paradies/)# Ride6 (http://www.nedesigns.com/park/2545/banana-valley/)# Poke (http://www.nedesigns.com/park/2967/mystic-mountain/)

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