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Starting a server to mess around in.

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I'm feeling these announcements of hosting servers is getting slightly unnecessary for a place like the forums. It's not going to be easy reading these in the future without some retrospective information. Why not announce servers in the chat or something? 

Even if you do make rules for your servers to let everyone see them, try to keep them consistent and relevant for the future. Or update them when important. This server seems to be a specific thing you're doing for today. Maybe make a fixed name for your server and post it's rules so everyone finds the post easy to follow :).

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@imlegos In fact, if there could be specific button on the top bar that specifically had Rules/Regulations in it, it would be awesome! Perhaps a '.txt' file that would ship with the server data to each client which could be linked to that specific button. But then again hard to do than it is to say, right?

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