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Can't sign in to OpenRCT in the launcher

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Hello all! First time poster, long time player.

One of my favorite pastimes in RCT is the look at the other peoples parks that appear when you Sync Saves in the openrct launcher. To do that you need to sign in on the launcher. But I am not able to do that (anymore). I had to reinstall the whole launcher a while ago due to a corrupt update (or something like that), and since I reinstalled I have not been able to log in. I have restored my password, so I'm sure it is the right password I'm using. Is there something else I'm missing?

Help please!


Thanks in advance. :)

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For reference, the site it's linking too is Openrct.net (Which now redirects here). On those forums, we could log the hours we've played ORCT2. This function wasn't quite working as i remember it though. It also does not exist as of currently here on Openrct2.org

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