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I notice a lot more rain in OpenRCT2 then the original RCT1 or 2. This is really annoying especially with the RCT1 scenario remakes since whoever created them also chose "free gate, charge for rides" on all of them except one that I have played so far, and I just failed Crumbly Woods tonight (My 3rd scenario failure in a row, never happened before. I still think whoever made these made them harder intentionally). Also, is the RCT1 scenario option to charge for both going to return eventually?

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Seeing as these RCT1 scenarios are mere recreations/remakes, you can't really blame OpenRCT2 for the difficulty spike. Which scenario pack do you use, btw? The most balanced ones I've come across so far are these: https://www.reddit.com/r/rct/comments/1h93gx/more_exact_recreations_of_rct1_scenarios_for_rct2/

I haven't had a lot of challenge in doing these, but they felt natural and had a relatively fine difficulty.  So far, none of these scenarios have more rain than I expected. You should definitely try them out :D.

In any case, you can always change the weather from the cheats menu, or set a different climate from the Scenario Editor. 

Also, the game does have an option to unlock all prices. It's right in the cheats menu.

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