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  1. Updated the opening post with a v1.1 of my park. The new coaster variants since my last update are: Twister Coaster Requirements: 2 drop, 9 m drop or 1 inversion I noticed I could reduce the height and length of my Twister Coaster. Technically, it doesn't even need the added “roundabout” but that makes the ride time too short to run two trains, so I like this 8x5 version. Since footprint was my main consideration I realised I could make this simple 8x4 version as well, running a single train. But I already used this design for the Corkscrew Coaster, so I left th
  2. I made another couple of changes. I claimed the Looping Rollercoaster was 8x5 though it was actually 9x5 because I couldn't place paths in 8x5. Part of the puzzle, but now I have found a solution to work with 8x5. I also made a smaller Hypercoaster. My 9x5 solution was too generous, it never filled up. So instead I present a 9x4 version with 3 cars instead of 5 which still transports plenty of passengers per hour. Requirements: 2 drops, 9 m drop I will have another look at all the other coasters before I update the opening post. Hypercoaster 9x4 150.td6
  3. I returned to the Wooden Wild Mouse and decided I could get it down to 6x3 and if I could do that I could also get the Steel Wild Mouse and the Inverted Hairpin down to that size. Though they are starting to look a little tall for my taste. Requirements for all 3: 170 m, 3 drops, 6 m drop Inverted Hairpin 6x3 177.td6 Steel Wild Mouse 6x3 174.td6 Wooden Wild Mouse 6x3 174.td6
  4. My compact coaster collection v1.1 TL;DR: Small coasters meeting the minimum stat requirements v1.1: Updated my downloadable park with new variants presented in further posts below, plus a few fixes. I'm old enough to have played RCT when it first came out and retro enough to sometimes return to my old favourites. I have previously built compact coasters, for me it's a puzzle game within the game, trying to squeeze a lot of coaster into a small footprint. I returned to this puzzle game after discovering the youtube channel of Marcel Vos, who was gracious enough to al
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