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  1. 11 hours ago, jensj12 said:

    The shop may not be properly connected. To fix: if you have ‘disable clearance checks’ cheat on, disable that cheat (so clearance checks are on). Then rebuild the path in front of the shop. Check if the path visually extends to the shop. If haven’t looked at the save, but this is by far the most common cause of this problem.

    This won't work if there's a wall in front of the shop, as there appears to be. Zero clearance and paths don't get along well when it comes to passing through ride tracks or walls. Use the tile inspector and check to see if the path in front of the stall is connected. If not, fix it by clicking the little box to make it connect! :)

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  2. So there’s a few ways. One of which, you can head over to www.nedesigns.com and download some workbench parks. Once you load the park in-game, all the custom objects and rides they obtain will be automatically added to OpenRCT2. You can also do this with any of the parks over there, I’d suggest checking out any of the “Head-2-Head 8” parks, as they have a ton of custom scenery and rides that will get you a really good set of objects to play with  

    A second way is to put any manually downloaded objects into your OpenRCT2/objects folder. You can do this with any of the individual objects 

  3. I've noticed the staff one, but not when playing as a host... I've found quite often during MP that hired staff don't get placed or assigned, but they do get hired. When I log back in to the same server later, I see them all hired, but they're all waiting to be placed.

    I don't think this is really an issue that the devs could fix, but I could be wrong. Desyncs are going to be a park of MP forever.

  4. Oh my where to start....

    Stop posting your requested updates as though they are factual. Please. Before you really confuse anyone who is reading this thread. Nothing you’ve mentioned is “coming soon”, certainly not in the next version. 

    To end, this can all be simplified by “don’t be an idiot.”

  5. It really depends on how you're trying to play. Are you guys on the same local network? Then you should be able to access the other's server by entering his local IP in the server address field. If you guys are not on the same local network and are just on the internet, then yes, you will need to open the port as Josh described. It really is "that" complicated to get a MP server going, it's just a consequence of how the internet works. Josh gave a decent explanation, and it's kinda crappy that you'd just dismiss it as "being too complicated" when its not. 

    For more information on hosting your own MP game, check out these links:




  6. Wow, been almost a month since I updated this thread. Round 5 has come and gone, with Heaven's Gallery, Strangelove, The Replacements, and Team Spacecrab advancing to the playoffs. Semi-finals deadline is this coming Sunday, so we'll see four new parks early next week!

    Links to the Round 5 matches:




    Unfortunately we had a bit of drama with that last match, but you can read about it in the thread and some of the park files.


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