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  1. You will need to find someone with a computer that still has a CD drive that can help you. Copy all of the files from the CD to a USB Flash Drive. Then you will be able to install from the Flash Drive. Good Luck
  2. I am no expert but from what I see, there may be trees in the way or the terrain is not flat enough.
  3. I will not attempt to answer your main question as I am still new here as well, someone will help you soon. However, you are limited to one post in the first 24 hours of your first post on this forum, I am sure is to prevent spam.
  4. Escape @ Six Flags Magic Mountain Let me be perfectly clear. I did NOT create this RCT track and I am NOT taking credit for it in any way. What I did is reverse engineer it, so it is easier to place into your game complete with the scenery as it was originally designed. I also identified the scenery objects so that you can make sure they are in your scenario. All additional info is in the Read ME.txt Downlink below. Enjoy http://d1jl.com/Coasters/MM_Escape/MM-Escape.rar
  5. Once again I needed a scenery object and could not find what I wanted. So, I modified one to work. It is labeled as a Ride Photo Stall but you can use it as any kind of souvenir stall. Download link below. http://d1jl.com/Coasters/RCT2-Objects/Photo_Stall/Photo_Stall.html
  6. Here is my interpretation of the Nu-Pike Cyclone Racer, once in Long Beach, Ca. This is not your typical Plug-n-Play ready built RCT coaster. It will only work with OpenRCT2, scenery objects and instruction included. It is a collaboration, all the info is in the Read Me file. Download link below. I hope it is enjoyed. http://d1jl.com/Coasters/Cyclone/Cyclone_Racer_WebPage.html
  7. That Option List looks like the one in the vanilla version. Try running OpenRCT2. Dave
  8. I have been wanting a custom Entrance Hut because I dislike the hideous ones provided when using them on Flat Rides or inside buildings. Being unable to find anything I decided to make one myself. I am no artist but it came out okay. I hope some of you may like it. A download link can be found below. http://d1jl.com/Coasters/RCT2-Objects/TicketBooth/Ticket-Booth.html Dave
  9. Thank you but I didn't see that.
  10. Can anyone tell me the dimensions of a single tile in pixels? Thanks, Dave
  11. How is the "Themes Folder" used? Nevermind.
  12. I did just post the question on GitHub anyway. Dave
  13. I thought I would ask here first because it may have just been me that didn't know what I was doing. I just did a search on GitHub but found nothing relating to this issue. Again, it may just be that I don't know what I am doing. Dave
  14. Many of the pre-maid coasters available, there is a discloser at the bottom of the picture window. (Design Includes Scenery Which Is Unavailable) (Vehicle Design Unavailable - Ride Performance May Be Affected) Is there a way to see what is required to view these rides in the manner that the designer intended? Sometimes it is good to learn other's techniques. Thanks, Dave
  15. Thanks for your reply. I have looked at GitHub and gotten lost. Even the NON-developers talk in code. Dave
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