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Strongest Desync workaround?

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Thought I'd chuck my first post in here as it is related.

Port-forwarded and all that jazz, started up a game with a friend within close proximity. All is well up to the first snag with desync (not disconnect desync). Every 10 minutes or so we'd get some desync, via either simple ride queues not lining up and going all over the place to rides crashing for one of us and not for the other. The general fix is for my friend to leave and return, but it's becoming somewhat unbearable having to do it every odd 10 minutes. 

This is with the latest build, b1738, on a park which got up to 500 people. Thanks.


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and disable uncap fps as well.


@RuneLaenen there is only one or two game commands using vanilla code at this point and they account for very minor chunk of desyncs, if any at all. They stem from something else entirely. These two options I mentioned should provide the best a user can do for the time being, we're working on getting them fixed.

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