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continuous disconnections or unable to connect

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Hello. I own an old version of roller coaster tycoon 2 that i bought at a thrift store. It is from 2002 and was distributed by infogrames. I see that there are newer versions for sale at atari.com but i do not currently own one nor would i know which one to buy. I wonder, do these newer versions of rct2 have built in networking or multi-player modes and fixed software errors/ issues?

Anyway, I recently started playing open rct2 online by downloading the zip file from openrct2.com but i have been having so many disconnections that it's nearly impossible to play. I keep getting the message "unable to connect" or "connection lost disconnected." it seems like somebody is purposely disconnecting me somehow from a server or computer.  what is going on? what should i do?


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ok forget about old copys of rct2 the devs never made multiplayer for this game xD the community did. u need openrct2 which i guess u have. opensource projects update all the time so either download the latest stable build or juust download the newest daily update.  on the server list put your cursor over the little green/red icon at right of every game this tells you what version of openrct2 the host is using. if its green that means you have the same version and can join the server. multiplayer is made open source and isnt finished its buggy and u need to make sure ur pc isnt blocking the connection and forward your ports if you want to host a game. cant really just jump in blind cause it prob wont work well. please do try openrct2 singleplayer though its really good and u even hav a cheat tab if u wanna mess around.

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ok thanks benj i will try this. I just don't know why i keep getting disconnected. Maybe it has to do with my internet or firewall??

also I am curious to ask; why are there so few servers and so few people playing this great game?? and when might there be a better software version with expansions etc??? and, who are the people developing this?? will it continue to be free?

well, i'll try playing online again, but i'll take your advice and try playing one-player games as well. My computer can barely handle openrct2 by the way (a toshiba laptop amd athlon x2 2.1 gighz windows vista 32-bit) so a new computer might help too.

oh, and i have not yet learned to use the cheats, developer tools or debug.

I also tried downloading microsoft visual basic so i could completely reprogram the game myself, but so far the software is not working and i have little programing experience.

I am so excited about playing this game online but i am frustrated with the lack of servers, players, and upgrades.

well, i'll keep checking for updates and servers and i will pray that the developers get this working better.

                             thanks again

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lol DEVS please chime in i cant explain the open source stuff very well im no expert.   anyhoo i can however say that yes openrct2 will be free always so hooray for that, and multiplayer is still new so needs more development, its also not like most modern day games u cant just login and throw a game up cause the game uses our pcs to make the game play online instead of a public server.  im no expert at networkin either so i cant help much with your firewalls u can try alt-tab back to windows desktop and see if theres a pop-up window asking if u want to unblock the game  xD basically if u want to host you have to forward your ports which many ppl don't know how to do in 2016.  go google forward ports and learn how to do that if u wanna host a game.  keep checking back and downloading the latest update as the game is being constantly updated by the community. 

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