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Currently, on Windows 10, I cannot run the original game (GOG version) properly  The big problem I have is the standard "unknown driver" exception, most notably while trying to change to 1024 screen width resolution in-game.  Does this tool fix that?

I'm also making plans to start ripping all sorts of game data from original scenarios for use in RCTW, but this may be a completely separate discussion.  I do need to know what trainers can do what, and whether we can create trainers to make other jobs easier.  I can provide some examples of some things for an idea of what I'm trying to do.  Would really love to be able to rip any scenario's full data in a matter of minutes or even a mere hour or two if I can.

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One way to find out if the game fixes the issues you had with rct2, try it!

OpenRCT2 uses different memory addresses than rct2 and most (if not all) trainers will not work on OpenRCT2. Instead, OpenRCT2 has a lot of cheats and debugging tools built-in, including a tool to change the object selection in-game.

Scenario's are stored in different files (still using the same save format) and thus don't require the game to get information out of it. The game displays the scenario on the screen within a second, so I guess you might be able to export it to a custom format within a second too if someone creates a program for it (all decompiled game code can be found on the github page: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2).

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