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I'm not quite sure if this is the right side of the forum to post this but...would it be possible to show what is the OpenRCT2 version that a host of a server is using? I believe this might help people that want to join a particular server but can't because they haven't got the correct software version; that way they would downgrade/upgrade as soon as possible and manage to join the server in a much fewer time rather than having to go trial and error in order to fetch the correct software version.

Would be a similar thing be possible for expansions packs too? While it's true that the latest build disconnects me from a server if I don't have a particular expansion pack the host is using, it might be more efficient than having to wait for the full map to download (let's suppose a very big map too) only to discover that you didn't have the correct expansion pack and all your waiting was wasted.

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