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Invalid header in legacy scenario scores file and invalid index 255 for ride type.

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When starting the game does the log prompt always spit out these errors:

ERROR[src\scenario_list.c:350 <scenario_scores_legacy_load>]: Invalid header in legacy scenario scores file
[src\ride\ride.c:173 <get_ride_entry>]: invalid index 255 for ride type

The later one gets spit out rapidly when I let the title screen run for a few seconds.

Also having problems playing mulitplayer even when using the builds that are linked here that are supposed to be working. OpenRCT2 just stops responding after the log says it received a compressed map file.

Using the GOG version of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Triple Thrill Pack.

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This one and the latest build (b1687) from the site. The later one is even less function in mulitplayer as expected with it just throwing a bunch of errors in the log before crashing.

Also attached an image from which screen the invalid ride type index message occurs (as I assume it is related to a ride so this could be useful).

OpenRCT2 invalid ride index.png

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Invalid Header is just the game not being able to label the scenario descriptions properly in the Scenario Editor (In ORCT2 you can select a pre-written scenario description, though this notably seems to have a lot of bugged/unused headers). Invalid Ride Type seems to be a common thing as well, no idea what starts it. 

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