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Rides stuck on "unloading passengers"

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Perhaps I'm missing something obvious but I came across this "bug(?)" after playing for several hours. 

Initially, after first being built the rides run fine. After a certain period though, (probably 1-2 years in game time) the rides get stuck on "unloading passengers." This causes the guests to wait in line for awhile and eventually leave the queue. I tried closing and opening the rides and that didn't seem to reset it. Testing them did not work either (it still had the message "unloading passengers"). I would not mind deleting and replacing them but this is a bit frustrating for roller coasters. The rides that this happens to are not broken down. Just curious if anyone else is experiencing this or if I'm missing something.

I am running the game off a disc version opposed to a steam version so idk if that makes a difference in anyway. Other than this the game works great for me. 

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On 15.1.2016 at 09:09, Broxzier said:

This issue has been fixed yesterday, and should be working again in the latest builds. You'll need to double-close and reopen any rides that still are in this state though.

Now the Rides dont say "unloading passengers" it just says "0 people riding" and the ride doesnt work. It's really frustrating to close 2x times and open again when you have a big park. I mean sometimes i have to fix all rides and can start at the first again... Its really no fun to always have to check all rides in a big park instead of playing the actual game :/

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