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openrct.exe stopped working after loading saved game

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I have one problem, we played with two people in multiplayer modus and saved the game after it. The Problem is, i can't load the game again, it crashes after a few seconds and shows me the dialog "openrct.exe has stopped working". I already deleted all rides to see if there is a problem with one of them, but it chrashed again. We both have a Win10 PC and played with the 1651 build, but I tested the file with other builds and it always chrashed after a few seconds. I attached the file that produces the error. It woult be totally nice, when someone would be able to solve the problem.



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I am able to load your save, however I did notice some things weren't right. I can try and fix this tomorrow for you. Do you have any idea how the map became corrupt?


Edit: It looks like there is a flower, or some other small scenery, at the tile outside of the map.

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I don't know how or when exactly the map became corrupt. After the first minutes there was no problem to load the file again, but after going on with the Park there started the problem. And I have no idea how the scenery got there. But it would be pretty awesome, when the file could be fixed 



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44 minutes ago, janisozaur said:

@Broxzier care to post an issue on github or mention that at gitter?

Sure thing. I saw you mentioned it yesterday, I'll update on that then. It's hard to find its cause without knowing how this happened.

@Maize04 What version were you and your friend using while building this park? Did you, or your friend, use any of the debugging tools while playing (object selection for example)?

Edit: I looked at it again, to try and find what was exactly broken, but I am not 100% sure which element should be which. I now changed the scenery element into a surface element, fixed the height and flags, and things are also working.


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Included more info.
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First of all, thanks for fixing the save file!!

We both used the demo version of RCT2 with a german language exe (i will attach the file), because we had a problem with our different expansions. The openrct built was 1651 and our systems are both Windows 10.  We had no debugging tools and just a clean install of openrct without the launcher etc. 


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Attach exe
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We got the same problem... we already started the third park and after some time the save gets corrupted or anything else, its really frustrating.. :/

We play on the latest dev build without the launcher only in  Multiplayer with 2 people. The Map we use is "Build your own Six Flags Park".

We both use Win 10 64 bit and the german version of RCT2 : Tripple Thrill edition from steam.

Would be nice if you could look over our savegame too.



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2 hours ago, empty789 said:

Thank you very much!

just tested the savegame and its still crashing.... :/

I deleted the latest track i build, it was the Miniature-Train Transport ride and now it seems to not crash, any ideas why this happens?


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