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Hey all!

I've just been informed as to the existence of this project by a YouTube commenter, and it looks great!

I am wondering though, does this help with playing the game on latest computer systems? E.g. Windows 7, HD screen, without having to do virtual machine hacks to get it to play?

I've read that this is essentially an addon to an already installed RCT2, so I'm pretty sure it wouldn't help, but wanted to check anyway



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Welcome to the site! :) You can play this on any latest computer system as far my knowledge goes. And yep, this is basically an addon, a huge expansion to the original game. A lot of improvements and new features were added which weren't avaliable in the original game, or you needed external programs like 8car. :)

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Thanks for the replies UTMAN and Broxzier.

I seem to remember having problems with installing/playing RCT2 on my Windows 7 machine, but I've just tried again, to refresh my memory of the issues, but it appears to be working fine now..

Does it by any chance add a 1920x1080 resolution? 1280x1024 doesn't quite look right on the HD monitor

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