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Object limits

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As we all know, what made RCT2's expansion packs so mediocre was that most of the new rides on offer were mere re-textures of existing ones - or even just new cars on existing tracks.

However, what made the expansion packs bad was how hard they were affected by object limits. Designing a park or scenario in the base game, you had to choose a small handful of themes and rides to exclude from your park. Designing one with the expansion pack, the number of excluded items shot through the roof, ensuring that you could only experience a small part of the total content of the game at one time. Forget about making parks with greater diversity than before - you could make one with a different set of themes, but not more themes.

For extra large parks you eventually also ran into an issue limiting the number of signs, rides and eventually scenery pieces you could place. All in all, RCT2 was a game with a great potential, but only up to a certain point.

I believe I'm not the only one who hopes to see the object caps lifted as Open RCT2 progresses. At the moment, I believe they are still in effect to the same extent as in the original game. I have to ask, however, how feasible is it? How hard is the limit coded into the game, and how hard will it break if the limit is removed or overruled?

Thanks a lot in advance.

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I did have a quick look around the forum, but from thread titles alone it couldn't be seen. Turns out now that it was addressed in an introduction thread, as well as in a thread about something slightly different. Searching for "object limit" yielded no results, but "limit" alone directed me to those two threads plus a bunch of group park threads asking whether or not there was a size limit for the park in question. Not that easy to find, but fair enough.

Anyway, glad to see that you plan on addressing it.

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