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Frosty Frontiers


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This is Forest Frontiers (From RCT1) converted to a winter landscape. The reason I created this is that I was looking for easy snow parks (to make up for the lack of snow in my part of the real word right now ;) ). There are winter parks in RCT2 like Alpine Adventure but that's not an easy scenario. I changed the objectives a bit (2 years is too short) but it's still an easy park.

Download (Dropbox)




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Just saying, but Alpine Adventures isin't really that hard, it's more about space managment in the 2 flat areas given to you (By the chairlift and entrence). Pretty much fill these spots with flat rides, and some tracked rides (Go-Karts, Mazes, Car Rides, ETC) and just set their prices to excitement, then wait for money to build some coasters in the mountains. Doing this gives them quite a bit of extra excitement due to being underground is more exciting. I beat the scenario in 4 years. I'll post a picture of it later.

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