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Multiplayer Crash.

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I got a problem with the multiplayer in OpenRCT2

A friend of mine made a multiplayer game for me and him,

it worked fine and smooth exapt a few things:

1. The sound of placing a floor is terrible i can't say how it sound but not good anyway

2. If i add a Staff Member (cleaners etc), it popped up the topic where he is on the park and i can place in the park: the problem is the first popup is he a duck in the water(camera) if i want to pick him and drag him in the park it is a random person in game (Vivian.T) if i put him in the park the game crashed.

3. The signs (for restricted area) doesn't work well eather need to tap it twice if i want to restrict the area. (camera where he stands is just black)

4. if i join the game and later exit and my friend start it up again the half of the park is gone and need to rebuild it all

We once had that he started the server again because there where some lagg isuise in the money the hole server was gone, on my screan before was that every thing was good(clean, much money, nothing destroyed) and on his camera was every thing the oppesent.


I hope you guys can help me or fix it.

P.s Sorry for my extremly bad english, i'm from holland and i'm bad at almost all the laungages

Kind Regards,



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Hi DumpyHail1,

The majority of these bugs are caused by desyncs. From the moment you are desynced you and your friend don't have the exact same park anymore. If this goes on for a while this causes many major differences, and glitches with it. To prevent these from happening, the clients should always reconnect after a desync, or at least a short time after it, to keep things the same.

As for the sound issue, do you mean a path? And if so, do you hear the sound being played very loud or something? If so that might mean there's just lag, and you receive all the packets from the server in one go.

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