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Game crashes if I remove a ride from a scenario I'm making

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So I started making a scenario going about it the usual way, picking a whole bunch of objects that I want to be in the park and then moving on to the landscape editor.

I have pretty much finished all that I want to do with the landscape, but now if I go back to the object editor and deselect some rides (because I decided I wanted to take out the ability to make giant steel coasters), the second I click to go back to the landscape editor again the game stops responding and can't be brought back.

I have also tried deselecting everything I want to, saving the scenario as a new test copy, and then opening that copy. Strangely, saving the scenario doesn't even record the changes I've made in the object editor, because everything is selected again.

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I'm able to save it at any time, but if I save after deselecting rides in the object editor, those changes aren't recorded. I haven't tried changing the landscape and then changing objects though, since I've always saved in between those steps.

I'm also able to add scenery (haven't tried rides purely because of no need to do so) and go back to the landscape editor without it crashing.


The only step I've taken where I could potentially see the possibility of it causing this problem is that at one point I went forward to the invention setup and set a rollercoaster to be invented when the game starts and then decided to remove that ride entirely, but didn't remove it from the starting rides. I doubt this is really the cause of the problem, but it's the only thing I can think of.

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11 hours ago, Gymnasiast said:

That's not what I meant though. Can you provide a save/landscape that I can load and will definitely trigger a crash when I go back to Object Selection?

Sent you a private message with the landscape file attached to it. Just to clarify, just going back to the object editor and then trying to go back to landscape editor doesn't cause the crash. You have to deselect an item (not sure if any object will do it but the roller coasters I tried removing never failed to cause a crash) and then once you attempt to go back to the landscape editor it crashes.

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