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OpenRCT2 0.0.3 released

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OpenRCT2 0.0.3 released yesterday and is available for download. Develop builds will continue with version 0.0.4.

Grab the stable download from here or get the OpenRCT2 Launcher for automatic updates.

New feature:

  • Adding extra title sequences.
  • Title sequences can be edited in-game.
  • Uncapped FPS.
  • Ride selection in the Editor can now be sorted on track type or vehicle type.
  • Load/save window can be sorted on date.
  • Sandbox now a menu toggle.
  • Improved ability to disable clearance checks via menu toggle.
  • Added ability to disable support limits via menu toggle.
  • Cheat to clear the crash record of each ride.
  • Cheat to set all rides to 10 minute inspections.
  • Cheats for guest parameters like hunger, energy, nausea etc.
  • Cheats for park parameters like guest generation, loan settings and switching to and from not using money.
  • Cheats for showing vehicles from other track types and enabling all operating modes.
  • Clear Scenery can now be used for sizes up to 64x64.
  • The mountain tool can now be used for sizes up to 64x64.
  • Built-in load/save window is now used for converting saved games to scenarios.
  • Cooperative multiplayer (has some game-breaking bugs).
  • Native Linux support.
  • Console commands for fixing 'Name already in use' and banner count errors.
  • Scenario and object descriptions are now translatable.
  • UI stays responsive in pause mode.
  • Marketing campaign can now be run for up to 12 weeks.
  • Day/night cycle.
  • Added ability to save (over last file) as opposed to save as.
  • Custom user data path specified by command line argument.
  • Full UTF-8 language support.
  • TTF font integration for non-Latin languages.
  • Added support for Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Russian, Finnish and Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Added South Korean Won and Russian Rouble as currencies.
  • Allow different date formats.
  • Option to automatically pause the game on minimise from fullscreen.
  • Option to automatically pause when Steam overlay is activated.
  • Option to display all scrolling text banners as upper case (RCT1 style)
  • Option to mute audio when game is not focused.
  • Option to automatically place staff after hire.
  • Option to enable 'mow grass' by default for handymen (RCT1 style)
  • Option to ignore invalid checksums on loaded parks.
  • Option to scale game display for better compatibility with high DPI screens.


  • Autosave is now measured in real-time rather than in-game date.
  • Hacked rides no longer have their reliability set to 0.


  • DirectDraw, DirectInput, DirectPlay and DirectSound dependencies are no longer used.


  • Six Flags branding and limitations.
  • Infogrames disclaimer.


  • When placing a track, the preview will now use the same orientation as the ghost.
  • Grouping vehicles by track type no longer interferes with research.
  • Fix corrupt map elements when loading a game.
  • Fix corrupt peep counter when loading a game.
  • Parks created in the Scenario Editor now select the standard staff uniform colours by default.
  • Launched TD4 rides will now always use the RCT1 launch mode (that doesn't pass the station) (original bug).
  • Guests will no longer ignore no entry signs if the tile contains more than one fence (original bug).
  • Right-clicking a piece of launched lift will no longer crash the game (original bug).
  • Fix bugs in calculation of Heartline Twister and Launched Freefall ratings (original bugs).
  • Map window now displays the usable map size, not the technical one (original bug).
  • TD4 River Rapids will now have the correct seat colour (original bug).
  • Message sound will no longer play in the editor modes (original bug).
  • Scenarios created with the Scenario Editor will now have the correct initial temperature for their climate (original bug).
  • Financial information can no longer be accessed from the rides/attractions menu in parks that don't use money (original bug).
  • The path tool and tracked-ride construction tool no longer interfere with one another in certain situations (original bug).
  • Building a flat ride partially out of park boundaries will no longer trigger a misleading "too high for supports" message (original bug).
  • On-ride photos are now factored into the calculations of a ride's income and profit per hour (original bug).
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