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Error loading objects for park

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Hello ppl.

I'm trying to load some custom maps I got from deurklink discord but some maps will just not open...
Instead i get a window showing missing/corrupted files. I try clicking on Fix/Download it all but the error persists..



I tried Reinstall OpenRCT2, and error still there...

My guess is that there is something wrong on my RCT1 or RCT2 Folders that i got online somewhere.

I'm able to play many diferent custom maps, but there is a few that I just can't because of this error.


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As Dubaifreak says, none of them may exist or be accessible anymore.

Looking at it, a few do say "official scenery", but others say "rct1beta" so they may not exist anymore. As for the "toontowner" that suggests custom scenery that also may not exist anymore.

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