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Hello there - newbie here and this is my first post :)

I don't normally like forums but I love RCT, it's my to-go game when I overload... so I thought I could give it a try and just report this little odd bug I found:

When we select paths (in object chooser), for some reason, the path bridge tool (the little stairs and bridge to cross over water, hills it does ok), always will default to the ugly black wooden one, regardless of the path we choose. I wish I could film it and show, but I don't know how. And several screenshots can be annoying so I hope mods can replicate the bug, but if needed be, I can try with screenshots.

Note it just happens when we're making a path to cross over the lakes... which is pretty odd!

I hope to see it fixed.

Hannya 👹

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Gday and welcome.

If I understand what you mean, then you're referring to the path supports ? Yes, the game defaults to the black asphalt path and supports (I suspect it's because it's all in alphabetical order), but you can change both the path and supports if they're in your available menu.

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