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Coaster Cruiseship Build Log| New project!

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With my hansa park recreation finished, it's time for a brand new project. After this last project which was quite realistic, I want to try something crazy: The coaster cruise ship. First you have to know, that I am also really interested in cruise ships, so I thought it would be great to combine coasters and cruiseships. 

I visited the Meyer werft today (giant shipyard) and heard about cruise ships that feature coasters. These coasters are small, but in rct2 there are no limitations, so I can build everything I like. I will keep it a bit realistic though. 

Just want to share the idea with you, please give me feedback and give me your own thoughts. Thanks! 


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4 hours ago, Dubaifreak said:

Can you upload it when it's ready? We would like to see it in action.

I will upload two versions of this:

1) A scenario:

This will be uploaded soon, and it will be a scenario, where you can build something on the ship. You also will be able to upload it then somewhere, if you give me credit for the ship with a link to the download.

2) The finished project

This will be the main download, and it will feature all the rides that I've already in mind. 

Thanks for your positive reactions, I really appreciate that!

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