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Hello! new to the forum

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I've been playing RCT since it came out a long time ago. These are some of my all-time favorite games.  

I have ideas I'd like to share with the community but lack the skills to make them myself.

I am hoping you talented people can help make these ideas a reality. Here's a few ideas:

*  Train track that can create a loop and connect to the same single rail via a switch track. This way you don't have to create a completed circuit. 

* A railroad crossing section with working gate that can intersect a walking path. 

* "you drive" boat ride. It would be a boat ride that can be driven through a canal in a completed circuit.

* Monorail that can use a single track and change directions. 

Do any of these ideas already exist? It would be cool to add them to my parks.

Thanks for reading and glad to be part of this community.

All the Best,



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