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"Synchronize with Adjacent Stations" problem (2 stations within a track)

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I usually like to build one track with 2 stations sitting next to each other to try achieve a higher rating.

However I found a quite annoying problem with "Synchronize with Adjacent Stations" checked.

That is the first train will never depart as there are no trains available in the second station. Was that a bug or what?

IIRC when I play RCT1 vanilla, the first train with still depart with the synchronization option even there are no trains on the second station, then the second train will wait until the first train arrive the second station to depart together.

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I've found that yes, if the "sync" is checked a lone train doesn't leave the station. And as far as I remember it's always been that way. (I may be wrong, it wouldn't be the first time). With your scenario, I always uncheck it, then as soon as the first train starts to leave, I check it again and things go as they should.

If I have say 8 trains and 2 stations, I leave sync off for 4 trains, then as the 4th is leaving I check it again, and they sync up as they should.

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