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BE Equia World | Pre Download

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Hey, a while ago I shared the first information about this park, and today the park is finally finished. It took me around 45 hours to build this park, and I will showcase it now:

Chapter 1: General information and ideas behind the project

The concept of a theme park with a central hub and 4 areas definly was inspired by the new Epic Universe Park coming to Orlando.

I also took some inspiration from Deurklinks "Imagination Megapark"for to of the 4 themed areas. The park has 34 attractions, including 10 rollercoasters.

Chapter 2: Lost Dschungle in detail

The "lost dschungle" is a dschungle themed section with 2 big rollercoasters and immerisive, 64 meters high mountains.

The main attraction of the area is "Kondaa", an intamin LSM launch coaster, using the custom LSM coaster trains made by @X7123M3-256. This coaster looks absolutly beautiful, diving trough caves and waterfalls. The coaster features 5 launches, and a max drop of over 200 feet, making it a hyper coaster. The secound coaster of the area is a B&M Dive Coaster with a really short layout, it's really more a visual than a real thrill ride. A much longer expirience is the Wild River Adventure Boat Ride, which contains a large drop and nice visuals troughout the ride. But the area also has two custom made flat rides in "Talocan", which is a giant shoestring top spin, and in "Tumbili", a nice tea cup ride. Thanks to Open Rct2 Tutorials and Deurklink for the tutorials for these rides. 

The last attraction of this area is "Battle of the Jungle King", a 3D cinema. 







Chapter 3: Adventure Desert in detail

This themed area is themed around old egypt, featuring temples and pyramids. 

The biggest coaster here is "Temple Blast", which is a Mr. Freeze styled LIM launch coaster by premier rides. The special element of the ride is the fact, that this is a 5-way dueling coaster.

Beside this coaster, there are 3 other coasters in this area: Nil Cruise is a hybrid between a mack rides water coaster and darkride with nice visuals. Dynamite is a boom coaster, very similar to the new Donkey Kong coaster coming to Epic Universe. And last but not least "the revange of the mummy" is a hybrid coaster by RMC with a nice darkride part at the start of the ride. Beside coasters you also can spot a few other rides in this area. First there is Pharaos Temple Show, a big Show Location. The "Fire of Victim" is custom made Larson Looper, again a big shoutout to Open Rct2 Tutorials for the design of the ride. Also you have a classic Twister in Egyptian Twist'n. 









Chapter 4: Sweet Valley in detail

This is like the children and family area of the park, themed around sweets. The biggest coaster here is "Choclate Harbour", a bobsled coaster by gerstlauer. The other coaster here is Caramel Fabric, a Mack inverted powered coaster. Other Attractions are Choco Rapids (River Rapids), Gingerbread Wheel (Custom Ferris Wheel) and Caramel Surfer (Custom Zamperla Disco Coaster).

Chapter 5: Artic Fields

The last area are the "Arctic Fields", which are themed around snow and ice. The main attraction is the B&M Flyer Pipeline, other than that you also have Bob Race, a really interesting launched bobsled coaster. The last ride here is "Arctic Flyers", a nice custom ride. 

Chapter 6: Screenshot

Chapter 7: Download 

How to download this park?

1. Download the file

2. Copy the file

3. Open the folder: User/Documents/Open Rct2/save

4. Paste the file in the folder



{TOPAZ}BE Equia Resort 2024-04-01 13-41-04.png

{TOPAZ}BE Equia Resort 2024-04-01 13-41-08.png

{TOPAZ}BE Equia Resort 2024-04-01 13-41-12.png

{TOPAZ}BE Equia Resort 2024-04-01 13-41-12.png

BE Equia Resort.park

Download requires:

-the newest version of open rct2

-Enough storage place on your PC

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