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V.0.4.9 - "Wooden Post Wall" fences becoming unavailble during scenario

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Hi, I checked the issue tracker couldn't find this listed...

Playing the latest patch, Six Flags Belgium scenario.  I can no longer select or find the wooden log post fences. Have tried selecting with the dropper tool and nothing appears, have checked there is no filter in the text box.

Believe cause might have been I reached the point in the scenario where I unlocked wild west / Six Flags scenery... Or because I just bought land.

Please take a look at the save file if this is of interest!


Six Flags Belgium BUGGED FENCE.park

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11 minutes ago, rc8 said:

I was having trouble with the scenery eyedropper working on certain scenery, so i went back to 4.8.   Maybe its because of this new "restrict" feature?

Not sure what that feature is (couldn't find "restrict" in most recent patchnotes but likely something I missed).

Also no idea if it's an issue in 0.4.8 (I might try reverting and see if save file has the issue). Thanks for the suggestion!

Could have feasibly been using the eyedropper is what triggered the issue... Haven't played again since posting but might have time over the w/e...

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6 hours ago, rc8 said:

In the upper right hand corner of the scenery window, there is a new "restrict" button.  It's suppose to limit the use of a scenery object i think.

Thanks for the reply! I don't see it... am I being thick? restrict.thumb.PNG.102056b649787c71fdc3c396f8128d2e.PNG

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Deleted the scenery manager plugin, started a new scenario, still not seeing that option. Game shows 0.4.9 in game menu  O_o

Definitely something odd going on here...

So I removed the entire plugins folder. Re-opened the game, confirm no plugins show. New scenario, still not seeing "restrict"... Loaded the bugged map to check fences missing, it's still bugged.

Only thing left is to full re-install which I'm not inclined to do right now since it's a somewhat minor bug gameplay wise (It was the last scenario to complete the game). Let me know if anyone looking at this needs more info tho!!


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