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0.0.3 and Linux

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No, until full decompilation is accuired, the native Linux build will keep being buggy and only working for a part. You'll have to keep using Wine. As soon as linux builds are a 100% functional, you'll find builds and guides on this website. It would be very big news for OpenRCT2 to be 100% compatible with everything, so it won't go by unnoticed.

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I don't usually lurk in these forums, but I just noticed this thread.

Please help out with https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/pull/2285

I'm not too much concerned with packaging myself, regardless, I still made strides in that field and eventually, I'll have PPA working.

My main concern for now is getting things working as good as they can, which implies I expect you to build from source for the time being, which is trivial.

It shouldn't contain any more bugs than the windows version, there are few differences with regard to how things are set up and expected to work. It will spit out some more to stderr (compared to windows version) and will not have any messageboxes or dir selectors or other such sillyness, until someone implements that.

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more info on linux version
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