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No Edit Title sequence button in settings.

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Hello there. I want to add my own parks to the main title sequence, but I can't. When I go to the settings and then on the spiral slide button, I see no button saying "Add title sequence". I don't have RCT 1 installation linked if that helps. I am running the latest development build of the game.

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To add your own parks to the main title sequence in OpenRCT2, you need to use the Title Sequence Editor. If you don't see the "Add Title Sequence" option directly, you may have to access the Title Sequence Editor through the game options or developer tools. Make sure you are in the correct menu, and find the tools to create a title sequence or edit. If you are still having problems, refer to the OpenRCT2 documentation or Blazzio to find detailed instructions on how to use the title sequence editor in the latest build of the game.

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