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Install problems with Steam and external hard drive.

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Hello! I recently had to move all my Steam games to an external hard drive, including RCT2. Now that RCT2 is on the external drive, OpenRCT2 (also re-installed to the external drive, but in a separate folder) can't find the files, so it gives me the prompt to locate them manually. I'm not sure what to select at this point. I tried a few things that gave a "Could not find \Data\g1.dat at this path" error. Then I tried

E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Rollercoaster Tycoon 2

but this causes OpenRCT to load a black screen with a white box, which then freezes up with a "Main executable for OpenRCT2 is not responding" error. ("E:" is the external drive, "SteamLibrary" is the folder I installed my Steam games to).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I have a similar path to RCT2, but for me OpenRCT2 is a folder on the root of the same drive.

OpenRCT2 also installs much of the core files on your C:\ drive. For me the path is -- C:\Users\User\Documents\OpenRCT2

I hope this helps.

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Hmmm. Maybe it is confused because some OpenRCT2 files are on the external drive and others are on the C drive. I'll try to reinstall OpenRCT2 to my C drive.

Edit: No luck, it still can't find the RCT2 files and I'm getting the same problems as before.

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Had a thought while reading your post.

Does RCT2 run on your external drive ? In the past I've found that many games and apps don't work or work properly when installed on a drive not on the pc/laptop. External drive often get "seen" as a removeable drive. For me, this has meant the several things couldn't be installed on either a USB stick or an external drive, or my NAS.

This is just a thought.

I'm not an IT person or even close to being up-to-date with hardware or software.

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