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Summary of current hard/in-game limits available?

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Dear All,

Since this data seems to be scrambled across the whole forum, may I kindly ask about the current state of the in-game given limits?

I could find this, please add your input as well:


Max Map Size: 999 x 999

Max Park Entrances / guest spawning points: ?

Max Rides incl Stalls: 2.047

Max Scenery: 255 per group/scenery tab or per scenery type eg small, large scenery, animated (?)

Max Staff: ?


Anyhow, there cant be given enough kudos to the devs for this great work! Thank you very much!

TomOliver :)




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As far as I've found, you can still only have two guest spawn points (I may be wrong).

Maps can be 999x999, and you can unlink the X and Y so you can have a rectangular map area instead of just square.

It appears that you can select pretty much every object and group you have. BUT .... there's no tool I know of that will let you select it all at once, you still need to do it individually.

If I remember right, the limits are pretty much 65,535 objects. I have noticed that at the bottom of the objects selection window you still see the limit for that tab, which is 25,550 for some of the scenery tabs, and that's accumulative not for each tab.

I hope this helps.  :)


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