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OpenRCT2 in older version of Windows

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(FR below)
I don't know if it's been already asked but I wonder if the developpers plan to support versions of Windows prior to Windows 7, such as Windows XP and 98 because I'd love to play RCT2 online on my old computers.
FR :
Je me demande si les anciennes version de Windows antérieures à Windows 7 comme windows XP, 98 seront-elles prises en charge à l'avenir ?
J'adorerais jouer en ligne sur mes vieux ordinateurs.
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Support for older operating systems has intentionally been dropped to support newer features (such as the library used for plugins, and multiplayer too I think). It is possible to make OpenRCT2 run on XP and 98, but you'll need to strip out some features and build the game yourself. It is not worth maintaining such a version for the developers.

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