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Game won't launch...

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I had the same issue yesterday, but this morning it worked just fine for me. I used one I build myself so I didn't really try anything else that you did. Maybe you can try downloading a .zip archieve https://openrct.net/download and extracting it into your Documents\OpenRCT2\bin folder manually. After that the Launch button should be enabled.Edit: I just tested it and everything seems to work fine. When the /bin folder isn't there it actually automatically downloads the game as well. Does the launcher have internet access when you open it?

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Just wait a bit, it really should work, especially if the slideshow-thing works (since it gets that live from the same server as where the builds are).The build server is down (as you can see on the download page) and I can't seem to get to pfckrutonium (who runs the build server), but the launcher should still work correctly (it will download an older build tho, since it looks like the build server has been down since last night). If it doesn't work, try deleting the My Documents/OpenRCT2/bin folder, that might fix it.I just tested it and the launcher works correctly on my computer.

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