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2 Rollercoasters with new parts!

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Hey, quick guide on how to import parks into your game:

1. Download the Datei

2. Find the open rct2 folder (it's listed under documents on my PC)

3. Open this folder and find the "save" folder, here are all your saved parks.

4. Just copy and paste the downloaded file im this folder. 

5. You can just open it under saved parks in your game. 

Hope the guide is helpfull, nice to see you new at this forum!

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3 hours ago, Burtdaffi said:

Hi there, new to the forum, just wanted to know how to install these so I'm able to use them?

Click the link for the park under the picture and a window for your file manager will open.

Navigate to where your .park files are in your OprnRCT2 folder.

Click save.

Done, you now have that park with the elements in it.

** Certain track pieces cannot be saved if you try to save a ride that includes them **

Zero-G rolls for one, there are several others.

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