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Need Some Help Recovering Some Lost Custom Content

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Hey I've been getting back into playing this game again after taking a 4 year break and I've been looking back at my old creations but I've been stumped by some missing custom content. I used some back in the day when there was a limit to how much you can use in the game. I've moved all of my rct2 files onto a new computer and have lost some custom content. I look up the file names but the only thing that comes up is the Theme Park Review forums but the files in the thread on there are unavailable so I was wonder if any of you guys have what I am looking for. Thanks in advance! 




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On 03/04/2023 at 14:31, Broxzier said:

Doesn't the "Download all" button find the object for you already?

I did do the download all option for both saves but for some reason it wasn't able to download those two files. I did use the file you sent and it did work for one of my saves. Thank you! 

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