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Intermittent suttering issues

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I am having intermittent stuttering going on. Is anyone else have a unique setup like I do with SMT and NUMA for their processors and ram? Why I ask is I want to make sure it is only me or not, but I do not know who else has NUMA and SMT aware hardware for their gamer.

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Please provide some more information about what you're experiencing. Is it constant, or periodically? Do you experience it in all parks? Also in the title screen? And most importantly, which version of the game are you running exactly?

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When I play my custom park, it seems to stutter or even hang for about 2-4 seconds and it is random, running the latest release build. I have a lot custom content also, if that helps. I am running windows 11 Enterprise IoT, if that also helps. It does not stutter at the title screen. This is a mainframe server hardware I am using for gaming, so it has SMT and NUMA, so this may be unique to my setup also.

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I have autosaves disabled. I think the problem is due to the load-balancing on my NUMA is not correct as it happened with another game as well (I wanted to experiment). I have more memory on the way to populate CPU-1 so both CPU-0 and 1 will work correctly (I hope).

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