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Large Half CorkScrew Track Piece

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Recently i've been rebuilding Real life Coasters and also Movies Coasters. And one of the Rides ive remade is The "Devil's Flight" Corkscrew Coaster from Final Destination 3. i've made a good recreation, but in the movie the Corkscrew Track Pieces were a lot Larger. and the Large half Corkscrew Track Piece is only available for The LIM Launch Coaster. So if Would be possible to add the Large Half Corkscrew to the CorkScrew Coaster, that would be great. 


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8 hours ago, CorkscrewDude said:

That's Ok, But Will Hold for Brake be added to more Coasters. Like for example: For Building Boomerang model Coasters, it be nice to have the hold brake like they do in real life.

If someone makes it, sure. You could add it if you want. I definitely won't be doing that myself.

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