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Trying to run the RTC 2 demo on Mac

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1 hour ago, HoratioNelson said:


I have dowloaded the demo for RTC 2 but I cannot get Open RCT 2 to use them as the "original files" that are required. They download as an .exe but apparently they can be used on a mac somehow? How can I do this? 

You need to download the ZIP version, not the EXE. I mean, you might be able to run the EXE under Wine but using the ZIP will be easier if you are on Mac.

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I found the instructions on this page helpful:


I'm on a Mac. Essentially once I downloaded the zip folder for the game I then made a folder in my Applications called Open RCT Support Files then downloaded the Extractor app mentioned on that link which is then used to unpack the zip file into that new folder. Once that was done I opened OpenRCT and directed that to the 'app' folder inside the folder I created… then OpenRCT started playing, no problem.

Hope that helps?

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