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How to find the object file being used

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I have RCT, RCT2 and OPENRCT2 loaded and linked. When I try to load certain scenarios, using OPENRCT2, I get a list of objects not found and most of them are not found when I try to download them.

My question is: How do I find the object file that the program is using since there are three potential sources?

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OpenRCT2 should be able to load any park using RCT2 objects even if you somehow don't have them. By clicking the download button, the game will attempt to download them from the nedesigns site. If you recognize anything from the list as RCT2 objects, you probably have a mixed install (files from different OpenRCT2 versions, remove and install OpenRCT2 to fix that). If they are custom objects, I can't help.

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