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How to find the object file being used

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I have RCT, RCT2 and OPENRCT2 loaded and linked. When I try to load certain scenarios, using OPENRCT2, I get a list of objects not found and most of them are not found when I try to download them.

My question is: How do I find the object file that the program is using since there are three potential sources?

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OpenRCT2 should be able to load any park using RCT2 objects even if you somehow don't have them. By clicking the download button, the game will attempt to download them from the nedesigns site. If you recognize anything from the list as RCT2 objects, you probably have a mixed install (files from different OpenRCT2 versions, remove and install OpenRCT2 to fix that). If they are custom objects, I can't help.

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I am not sure if we have the same issue, but I have a number of parks that will not open for various reasons.

1. Some parks will either crash the program or simply return me to the main menu without error messages. I assume that these have to do with trainers that were used that I do have or do not have currently installed.

2. I've not cleaned up my files as outlines above and will do so today. But as noted, these are for the base game assets and do not necessarily cover custom objects.

3. Most that won't open have missing objects, and a list is provided by the error report. Some of this may be corrected by the clean-up steps given previously, but some of these can't be properly corrected. On PC, my base objects are in my "C/Program Files/OpenRCT2/data" folder. My custom objects are in "Documents/OpenRCT2/Objects." Obviously setups differ and I'm a dofus - so don't use mine as more than a map. You may also have a separate RCT/RCT2 program file where you installed the original game. You can check which folder your game is calling on in "Options" from the main menu, under the "Advanced" tab.

4. Missing Objects - Custom. If you have a park that calls for CSO that you do not have, you will instead receive the "Missing Object" list. Unfortunately, there is no library for these missing objects. If the park creator did not package the objects with the park, these objects may be gone forever. They may have been available as separate downloads with the original park release or pulled from an on-line library that no longer exists. The only option is to find* or replace** the objects.

*Finding the objects comes down to luck and legwork. You'll have to search, ask around, and cross your fingers. People are usually more than eager to help out if they have some rare thing the community needs. I worked with another player who is still around, sharing object files and rare finds, building my collection and it's exciting to find that one park that completes a scenery group or has that rare object that unlocks more than one park. But - as you'd imagine - it does get harder and harder to find those dusty hard drives and obscure web links.

**Here's a bad idea - replacing objects. You you receive a message telling you that you need "MISSINGOBJ1.DAT" you can simply create a "MISSINGOBJ1.DAT" file and place it in your object folder. Whatever you used in your "MISSINGOBJ1.DAT" will show up for the missing object and allow you to open the park. If the missing object was a tree and the object you make is a smiley face, then any instance of the original tree will be replaced with a smiley face - which may not be the result you want and could corrupt other users collections if shared. If you try this, I'd suggest removing the spoof object from your object folder after opening the park.

I'll share a quick story. I had a number of parks that would not open due to missing files that had the name "PARK##.DAT". The naming convention apparently created by renaming all of the objects used in a single park. None of these objects were new or unique - just renamed for no apparent reason. I have found most of these duplicate objects, but still have a couple of parks that won't open for what is probably a renamed bush or lamp that I have under a different name. Frustrating.

If you do find that you are missing objects, post a list. I have ~10k park/scenarios and ~31k custom object files and don't mind rummaging.


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