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RCT1 Scenarios wont mark as complete to unlock new ones

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I have RCT1 GOG linked and playing fine but winning a scenario doesn't prompt the name button, and also doesn't then show up as ticked in the new game menu meaning I am unable to unlock the later scenarios!

I am sure I am doing something wrong but have tried for hours and cannot fix! Also doesn't work by using the cheat 'win scenario'. I am running OpenRCT2 on a Mac if that means anything!

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37 minutes ago, jensj12 said:

Can you complete other scenarios normally?

(If all else fails, you can simply unlock all scenarios in the settings)

Yes it works on RCT2 just not on RCT1 - didn't realise you could just unlock them all, will just do that and pretend I'm working through them haha.

Still unsure why it doesn't work however!

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