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Wacky World and Time Twister objects not showing

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I brought the triple pack off Gog Galaxy and have the original RCT2 disk but never brought the EPs themselves before the triple pack. I was having crashes with it for some reason so tried the OpenRCT2 and have had no problems with it aside from the two EP content is shown as blank so even though I can place it it does not show what it looks like. 





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The expansion objects do not show if your linked RCT2 installation does not have them. Make sure you have the TTP (from Gog) installed and use that version for OpenRCT2, which you can change in the launcher or by editing the config file in your OpenRCT2 documents folder (if you are unsure how to change it, you can uninstall the RCT2 without expansions and OpenRCT2 should ask you on startup).

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