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Couple of newbie questions

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I'm new to OpenRCT2 and had a couple of questions.

Once I have OpenRCT2 setup, do I need to keep my installs of RCT1 and RCT2 installed to keep using that content? Or have the files been copied into OpenRCT2 so I don't need the other installs anymore?

Another thing I noticed is in the Audio options when I select "Speakers (Sound Blaster Z)", when I restart the game it seems to revert to "Default Sound Device". Is this just a little bug in the UI? I see it still says "Speakers (Sound Blaster Z)" in the config.ini in the OpenRCT2 folder in My Documents.


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You need to keep the required RCT1/2 files on your computer, OpenRCT2 does not copy them. You can however extract the necessary files (listed here) and link that folder instead.

I don't know about the audio issue. I hope a team member reads this and does a quick investigation (I'm unable to do so right now).

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Ah ok, I might as well just leave the old installs intact, they aren't too big anyways.

I don't think the sound setting issue is causing any problems, just noticed when I changed it it didn't seem to be sticking.

Thanks for the info,


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