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I only got some much time to invest in modding RCT2 but i'm doing it slowly. I have a request for base OpenRCT2 program, or a possible plugin to add to the collection.

It is simple really, a UI mod that lists all rides or scenery file names so base content easy to find and edit. Just add file name below the 90 degree rotate icon this will help first time modder's or veteran's alike

I attached a picture of an example of how it could work if anybody wants to tackle this idea, it would take a long time for me to this, because I have no idea how to mod the UI and guides are limited cause this game so old. currently using RCTdatviewr and RCT2ObjectEditor to try to makes some custom food shops. Also I work 2 jobs and have a 1.5 year old so this would take me super long time to figure out. Please Help Someone, even a PDF of how to mod UI would be helpful


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