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No Half Loops Corkscrews & Twists for the Vertical Drop Coaster!

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So I just downloaded the newest OPENRCT2 which went pretty good and is working good and all! So I just discovered the flying coaster with large half loops & the large loop available & checked with the vertical drop coaster & no corkscrews & twists available even when I try merging the tracks back & fourth with the twister coaster when trying to build a dive coaster or a spin off gerstlaurer eurofighter with the vertical drop coaster & when I try adding a half loop then twist corkscrew nothing happens! What is going on? Why won't openrct2 add large half loops twists corkscrews for the vertical drop coaster with they added large half loops with the flying coaster! If openrct2 can really change this for the vertical drop coaster & maybe add launched tracks for the hyper twister coaster & gigia coaster (for a blitz) I will be happy & play openrct2 then! Please Thank you!

Unnamed park 2022-10-15 09-27-52.png

Unnamed park 2022-10-15 09-26-44.png

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