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Duplicate rides in my scenarios

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In the past I had copied the tracks file to save the old rides (I forget the exact reason). So now I have duplicate rides in the ride selection list (most have 4 copies).

I would like to know how I can find out what files that OPENRCT2 is using for the tracks. I know where the main track file is, with the other OPENRCT2 files but I need to know where the duplicate files are coming from - they are not in the OPENRCT2 track file.

Can anyone help me ?

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OpenRCT2 pulls them from the track(s) folders inside the /documents/OpenRCT2 folder, the RCT2 installation folder and the RCT1 installation folder (if linked). If you have debugging tools enabled and/or go to the track design manager, you can see the exact path to the track design in-game.

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