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"Classic Wooden Coaster" in 0.4.2 changelog

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Just checked the changelog recently and saw "classic wooden coaster" with "shallow banked turns" -- couldn't find it at first but did an arbitrary ride type change and found the ride. What exactly is the point of this addition to the game? It has no elements besides the diagonal banked turns, with no drops or anything else added. Is this supposed to be a supplement to the original wooden coaster in some way in a future update?

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1 hour ago, ParamountParks said:

What exactly is the point of this addition to the game?

It's for RCT1 compatibility - the "Classic Wooden Coaster" is the RCT1 wooden coaster. As well as the shallower banking, it also has a slightly different color scheme and different vehicles. It is mostly there so RCT1 parks can be displayed more accurately, but there's also people who prefer the RCT1 version over the RCT2 version, so now you can use both.

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