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Can't build river rapids

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I have recently found an issue where I can't make my own river rapids rides. Notice that I can't make any straight piece, go up, turn, anything like that. If I select the special track pieces, I can only get rapids. Nothing else. I can't even go back to station pieces if I select it! This has only happened (or I have noticed it happening!) within the last 2 weeks or so, because it worked fine when I made a rapids ride on a scenario playthrough on the 29th of August. Scratching my head as to what is going on! 977179965_Unnamedpark2022-09-1014-36-15.png.32f5954d17bbba5bcb89e6d0f53e8a90.png

version: 0.4.1-305-gce95b58(ce95b58 on develop) - not sure all of that is necessary but if it helps. 




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